Display Ads

Display Advertising


It takes more and more impressions to become a recognized brand in the mind of your prospect. Retargeting ensures that your ads continue to get shown to your best prospects – those that have already expressed interest.


  • Ads “follow” your visitors
  • Highest ROI advertising
  • Incorporated into your campaigns
  • Simple set up
  • Geo-targeted to within 15 mile radius

Display Advertising

Display Advertsing

Dynamic banner ads on major national and local sites. Specifically designed to incorporate best practices in local advertising.


  • Dynamic eye-catching ads
  • Distribution on all major ads networks
  • Professional images
  • Incorporation of reviews
  • Geo-targeted to within 15 mile radius
  • Target based on demographics
  • Target based on interests
  • Target based on buyer intention
  • Landing Page design

Mobile Advertising

The world has gone mobile, and continues to do so at a blistering pace. Your best prospects now spend more time on mobile than they do online on computers. OBX SEO will make sure you meet them there.


  • Dynamic mobile ads
  • Distribution on all major ads networks
  • Native iPhone Apps
  • Native Android Apps
  • Mobile Analytics
  • HTML5 Responsive Design
  • Mobile landing page design
Consumers use the internet to discover local businesses and services more so than anytime in history.

We can ensure your brand is represented continually to the targeted customers and prospects that your business needs with our Display Advertising program.

Achieve more brand awareness and grow your business without wasting time or needing to be a technology expert yourself.

  • People prefer to see online ads for local businesses instead of non-local – Google 74.2% 74.2%
  • People who have seen a display ad will later search for the business – Google 35% 35%
  • 119% lift in sales from visitors exposed to search and display ads combined – Google 119% 119%

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